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Karen Vivien, EI, CEO/President, Electrical Engineer
David Viven, PE, Vice President, Mechanical Engineer
Ray A. Coniligaro, PE, Electrical Engineer
Gene Vivien, PE, Corporate Treasurer, Senior Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
Janice Vivien, Treasurer
Magnus Vo, Electrical Design Engineer
Paul "P.J." Sanchez, Construction Administration

Anna Morgan, Office Manager   Leonardo Ramirez, CAD Designer

Janice B. Vivien

Janice’s career as Corporate Secretary and Administrator for Lucien T. Vivien Jr. & Associates has spanned over three decades. She has worked along beside her husband in building a strong foundation in making LTV the successful firm that it is today. She continues her day to day duties in the office managing the monthly revenue and expenses and ensuring smooth operations of business transactions within the corporation.

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