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Karen Vivien, EI, CEO/President, Electrical Engineer   David Viven, PE, Vice President, Mechanical Engineer   Ray A. Coniligaro, PE, Electrical Engineer
  Gene Vivien, PE, Corporate Treasurer, Senior Electrical & Mechanical Engineer   Janice Vivien, Treasurer  
Magnus Vo, Electrical Design Engineer  
  Paul "P.J." Sanchez, Construction Administration
  Anna Morgan, Office Manager   Leonardo Ramirez, CAD Designer  


Mechanical Designer

P.J. joined the firm in 2007.  Prior to joining LTV he worked in the construction industry in several of our local petro chemical facilities. He has maintained positive relations and provided open and direct communications between our design staff and field construction on numerous projects as Construction Administrator for 7 years.   Paul has joined our design team as Mechanical Designer and brings numerous years of mechanical experience to our team.

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