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Karen Vivien, EI, CEO/President, Electrical Engineer   David Viven, PE, Vice President, Mechanical Engineer   Gene Vivien, PE, Corporate Treasurer, Senior Electrical & Mechanical Engineer   Janice Vivien, Treasurer
  Ray A. Coniligaro, PE, Electrical Engineer   Leonardo Ramirez, CAD Designer   Paul "P.J." Sanchez, Construction Administration  
Magnus Vo, Electrical Design Engineer   Jason Ridolfo, Construction Administration   Brad Landry, CAD Designer  
  Anna Morgan, Office Manager        


Electrical Engineer

Ray is responsible for Electrical Design, and Project Management. His design  experience includes interior and exterior lighting systems, site and building power distribution, fire alarm systems, communication systems, lighting fiber-optic systems, medical/laboratory equipment power design, kitchen equipment power design, commercial computer electrical design, intercom/paging systems, security systems, nurse call systems and energy conservation measures such as lighting control and power demand limiting. He has also designed several LEED Green projects and has completed designs of large power generating systems. Ray has also completed root cause analyses of faulty electrical systems to determine design deficiencies, and remediation requirements. He is a 21 year, retired, Major of  the Louisiana Air National Guard. During his time with Air National Guard, he worked as an exterior lineman and electrician for 8 years, a communications engineer for 8 years and as the Louisiana Air National Guard Base Engineer, managing over 500,000 square feet of property residing on over 1000 acres of real estate for the remaining 5 years. While serving as the Base Engineer he also completed construction, design and management of more than 40 million dollars in new construction and renovation projects.

BS, University of New Orleans
Electrical Engineering, 1996

MS, University of New Orleans Engineering Management, 2000

Professional Registration:
2004 LA 31254
2011 MS 20119
2013 TX 114961

Societies and Organizations:
NSPE - National Society of Professional Engineers
LES - Louisiana Engineering Society
Green Associate

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